Neil Berry Opticians?

Contact Lenses

We offer a selection of leading brands at competitive prices. You can choose between daily, monthly and yearly disposable lenses as well as gas permeable lenses. We will be delighted to discuss exactly what is best for you depending on your prescription and the dimensions of your eyes, your individual needs, lifestyle and budget.

Your eyes will be thoroughly examined to ensure that contact lens wear is a suitable option and then, if appropriate, lenses will be fitted by the optometrist. You will be provided with important advice on which type of lens will be best. Guidance will be given on how to fit lenses, remove them and how to safely clean and store them.

Frequent Replacement Lenses
Daily disposables are the ultimate in convenience and comfort. New lenses every morning means no daily cleaning - totally hassle free. They are an ideal option for people with busy lives, for sports enthusiasts and those who only want to use contact lenses occasionally. Patients with sensitive eyes, previously unable to tolerate other lens types, can find daily lenses to be the answer.

Monthly disposable lenses are a good choice for the frequent lens wearer, being versatile, cost-effective and available in the majority of prescriptions.

Contact Lens Aftercare
Regular aftercare is essential for healthy and comfortable eyes. As an independent practice we will ensure that contact lens aftercare is tailored to suit your specific needs.